How Teens are Monetizing as Micro Influencers on

In April 2016, exploded onto the social media scene. With more than 20 million active users and payouts totaling seven-figures, this live video streaming app quickly climbed the charts of the  Apple App Store and Google Play as young micro-influencers looked to capitalize on the opportunity. With a diverse community centered around a unique virtual commerce system, there is ample opportunity to monetize through This blog serves as a crash course on the newly trending Chinese app and details how teens can use the platform to earn money.

What Is

In its simplest form, is a live video streaming app. The platform is filled with live feeds where users, known as “broadcasters,” display their talents to their audience. With a young broadcaster base, feeds feature everything from dancing and yoga to singing and gaming. Despite a fair share of controversy, the app implements rules against violent and sexual streams, while discouraging “boring” videos.

Like other live video platforms, the app encourages engagement with the broadcaster through comments and likes. However, stands out from the virtual  crowd due to its unique “tipping” feature, which allows broadcasters to earn major income in the form of virtual goods that are exchanged for cash. Users purchase these digital gifts as part of’s commerce system. The ability to purchase and send gifts, ranging from digital flowers to yachts, translates to cold hard cash, which is attracting many aspiring influencers to the platform.

Exchange Gifts for Cash

Believe it or not, you can build a digital career as a broadcaster. In fact, there are millennials earning $20,000 per week or more as broadcasters.

Here’s how it works: Users purchase in-app currency known as “coins.” Coins are used to buy digital gifts to be shared with broadcasters. These gifts, such as cars and castles, have a point value that is converted into digital diamonds. Broadcasters exchange diamonds for cash with values equivalent to hundreds of dollars per gift. This virtual gifting process is termed “tipping.”

Savvy broadcasters have been able to master asking for gifts, while building and maintaining strong relationships with their top gifters. These financially-rewarding relationships provide an  ongoing income and can possibly lead to additional monetary gifts outside of the app.

Additional Opportunities to Monetize

Tallying tips as a broadcaster isn’t the only way for teen to stack cash. As a top broadcaster, you can build a shop page through the app. This page is where your audience can purchase merchandise, allowing you to further monetize those eyeballs. While promoting your shop link is a quick way to generate cash, you can also use your account to feature outbound links to other social media pages. Smart micro-influencers like Amber-Tiana have used their success as a way to build their followings onto other platforms and earn additional influencer marketing opportunities. Many micro-influencers have also found that creating multiple accounts provides strategic advantages to maximize profits. The app boasts a daily show that includes cash giveaways and encourages broadcasters to host coin-based giveaways through “coin drops.”  These coin drops help to develop a loyal audience that is willing to reinvest in the broadcaster through gifts. The bottom line: More gifts means more money.

Getting Started on

The app is free to download. If you are under 18, you need parental permission to begin broadcasting. Once you create an account, you have the ability to stream from your phone or tablet. As with any live video, check your lighting, audio, and background before streaming. The best way to get acclimated to the unique community is to watch and learn from other broadcasters, while also keeping an eye on updates and tutorials, courtesy of the app’s Medium page.

If you’re looking to increase your income, provides an excellent opportunity to monetize your following. Implement the strategies above to maximize profits and take full advantage of this new app’s commerce-based community. Happy streaming!