How Rosanna Pansino Grew Her Following and Made Herself a Millionaire

How Rosanna Became Ro and Stacked the Dough

Rosanna began her success story as an aspiring actress, new to Los Angeles. After dabbling in the Hollywood entertainment industry through small commercials, as an extra or guest star, and through production assistance, Ro launched her YouTube channel in 2010. Initially, her YouTube endeavor was only intended to be a platform to practice on-camera presence and to share her love for baking, but when forced to choose between her acting agency and YouTube, Rosanna chose her channel.

So, how did she do it? First off, Rosanna practices good money managing habits. Ro claims to have saved 10% of every paycheck since the age of 15, eventually funding the start of her production business all together. She accredits her discipline and work ethic to her dad and embraces family involvement. Rosanna keeps her business within the family, and enjoys working with individuals she trusts. However, this is not to say she doesn’t love to keep her audience involved. Ro likes to hold fun online baking competitions, encourages people to retweet or share their baked goods with her, and celebrates fan suggestions.

In addition, Rosanna logs in about 100 hours a week brainstorming content, gathering ingredients, testing recipes, pre-baking, filming, editing, and posting. She has uploaded more than 100 recipes of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, with every 6 to 10 minute video taking 5 days to create. According to Ro, YouTube stardom is not easy.

How Ro Does Social

What’s an influencer without followers? Rosanna has 700k+ likes on Facebook, almost 950k Twitter followers, 44k followers on Pinterest, and over 3 million Instagram followers. She averages over 60 million monthly views on YouTube, and her fanbase only continues to grow.

Rosanna’s strong social following is due to her commitment to creating diverse and engaging content, while still residing in a unique niche, optimizing her work toward long-tail viewership, and continuous brand development. Ro’s posts on social media announce new video releases, feature guest appearances, showcase her puppy, “Cookie,” and share tid bits of her daily life.

She aims to share what she’s passionate about, but continues to play with different video and post styles to make sure she’s releasing content that people would like to see. Her “nerdy” creations come from video games and cartoons, allowing her content to stay relevant for years.

All of Rosanna’s content is carefully edited, including interesting end cards and annotations, sometimes highlighting her fans and followers. Her posts across every platform follow a strict schedule for release. New “Nerdy Nummies” videos come out every Tuesday, with social media posts to follow.

Expanding the Empire: Books and Baking Line

Today, Rosanna not only leads her own multi-platform promotional campaign with YouTube, but over the past few years, has hosted two Cooking Channel specials, and has had appearances on both The Today Show and The View. With her success, Rosanna has had the opportunity to branch into both books and merchandise sales and creation.

  • Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. In November of 2015, Rosanna released her first cookbook, which quickly became a New York Times Bestseller. Ro worked on the pictures and content for about one year before releasing. The cookbook features step-by-step guides to her uniquely designed baked goods and is filled with 420 vibrant pictures.
  • Full Baking Line. In 2017, Rosanna partnered with Wilton to launch a new line of kitchen supplies. According to Rosanna, she had already been using Wilton products for years prior. Included in her line are fun and colorful baking supplies along with custom designed molds and items.

From the looks of it, Rosanna has figured it all out, but whether she’s unlocked the secret to success or not, it looks like is only just beginning for this social media superstar!

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