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Rosanna Pansino, also known as Ro, is the creator, producer, and culinary personality of the popular online cooking show, “Nerdy Nummies.” She was recently listed as the #1 Top Food Influencer by Forbes. Rosanna’s video game, emoji, and cartoon character inspired baking creations have made her a social media sensation, and one of the highest […]
With the growing presence of digital campaigns and influencer marketing on social media, these online platforms continue to evolve at an accelerated rate. It’s hard to keep up, but savvy marketers and influencers have to stay on top of the latest social media tools, trends and tips. By the week, changes are being made on […]
Chatbots are an increasingly effective tool for social media engagement for influencers and brands everywhere. While managers of social media accounts with smaller followings might have enough time to engage with every person on a one-by-one basis, managers of accounts with higher engagement simply don’t have the time it takes to respond to every single […]
A sweeping number of e-commerce businesses are now launching influencer marketing campaigns as a strategy to boost sales. As a result, the profits have been quite exciting. Those who have not yet engaged with this powerful strategy should definitely reconsider, because this is one of today’s top marketing methods to boost e-commerce results. This blog […]
Ever since Instagram changed its algorithm from showing posts in chronological order to showing posts based on user engagement, the game changed not only for influencers but for advertisers as well. As a result, Instapods were formed by influencers as a shortcut into reaching higher post engagement. It is important for advertisers to be aware […]
Likes are cool, but they don’t tell an advertiser much in the social influencer marketplace. The most important metrics in influencer marketing are the ones that offer your organization the ability to predict future outcomes. For example, if you are trying to predict future sources of revenue, you will want to look for metrics that […]
Unless you’ve been living on some distant planet for the last 15 years, you’re keenly aware of at least a few social media platforms and their importance to online advertising. With 68% of all U.S. adults using Facebook, 28% using Instagram, 25% using Pinterest and 21% on Twitter, it’s a definite MUST to look into […]
You can invest a lot of money into influencer marketing and obtaining the right influencer, but without good content, your investment can be worthless. Content is so valuable because it creates an alluring story which draws your audience in closer and conveys your brand’s personality. Your content also has to present a clear offer that […]
With the rapidly-growing presence of social media, companies and publishers of all sizes have begun to shift marketing efforts toward the phenomenon that is online influence. Though it may seem that this world is still in its genesis, various forms of influential sectors have already diverged, and it’s important to know the difference. An example […]
When it comes to social media advertising, the way you think about and align with specific influencers is an important science. Part of finding your way involves understanding how audiences work, so you can know where to focus your efforts, and what kinds of influencers to work with to get your product, service, or content […]

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