Latest Snapchat Updates Affecting Social Media Influencers

While Snapchat started out as a simple social media chat application for sharing short form video clips that would quickly “disappear,” the dynamic platform has evolved into a robust community brimming with user-generated photos and videos utilizing unique filters, tags, emojis, and more. Since its initial launch, Snapchat has made significant strides to advance alongside its competitors while continuously improving the community’s user experience. Now, users can use Snapchat to catch up on the latest headlines, get a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite social media mavens, and share those same disappearing photos and clips that initially earned the platform its acclaim.

With Snapchat’s revived growth, the platform is an ideal location for influencers to connect with their audience and grow their social following. In order to leverage Snapchat into social media success, it is it important to stay up-to-date with the platform’s constant changes and updates. This blog will discuss Snapchat’s most recent updates and provide tips for social media influencers to take advantage of these changes.

SnapChat Snap Store

Recently, Snapchat stepped into the commerce space by opening its digital Snap Store. Aiming to amplify the user experience, this new tool allows customers to purchase merchandise that can be used within the app. Products include geofilters, snapcodes, and ads. Geofilters can be used to customize filters and lenses for events such as parties and weddings. Snapcodes and ads are intended to boost the business side of the platform. Creators can purchase snapcodes to link users directly to their websites and invest in ads to feature their products and services on the platform.  

These features affect social influencers both directly and indirectly. The option for geofilters allows influencers to personalize their stories and further align their posts with their niche demographic. Snapcodes and ads will help brands, businesses, and influencers to further connect with the Snapchat community and monetize their audience.

Exploring the Snapchat Community Together

Snapchat has decided to leverage proximity on the app, as the company recently announced that it will be rolling out several new location-based features. The new “Map Explore” will help users search their friends and nearby events on a “Snap Map.” Meanwhile, Snapchat has created the opportunity for brands and businesses to target audiences based on location type or location radius. The platform has also added a foot traffic feature, which provides detailed user information based on the locations individuals visit. All of the aforementioned features require the app’s users to turn on their location tracking.

When utilized correctly, these new features can help influencers gather more detailed information on their audience. This includes valuable insights like events and brands their followers align with, as well as their real-time locations. The bottom line: These location-based features are a boon for influencers to learn more about their audience.

New Insights With Snapchat

To support the creator community, Snapchat recently launched a new insights tool measuring total story views, time spent viewing stories, daily unique story viewers, audience demographics, and audience interests. The purpose of these insights is to encourage users to develop a deeper understanding of their audience, allowing them to create more engaging and relevant stories, while also expanding their reach.

These metrics are a gamechanger for influencers, as the desire for this data has been openly discussed for years. Creators are now equipped with actionable audience insights to better analyze their content strategy, and data that can lead to more fruitful marketing partnerships. These metrics will help all kinds of creators strengthen their brands, partnerships, and monetization strategies.

Snappy Tips and Tricks

Snapchat has rewarded creators like you with its newest tools. As savvy social media influencers jump aboard these latest features, here are some tips to effectively integrate Snapchat into your social strategy:

    • Do your research. Take the time to understand how these tools work. If necessary, look into how other users are utilizing them. The sooner you do your research, the sooner you can make the most of the updates.
    • Be creative. Don’t limit yourself. New application features are an opportunity to play around and develop something new that your users have never seen.
    • Dive into the data. The new metrics available to you can make a major impact on your strategy. Use this data to maximize current partnerships and develop new partnerships.
    • Analyze and adjust, but stay consistent. Track the changes that you make with your strategy and pinpoint what works and what doesn’t, but keep your current followers in mind. Aim to grow your audience with a consistent message as you leverage the new tools at your disposal. \
    • Watch for updates. As you know, social media platforms are constantly updating and revamping based on user feedback. Keep a lookout for further changes that align with your strategy.



It’s a great time to be a creator on Snapchat. With the plethora of recent influencer-friendly changes we discussed, Snapchat has made major advancements in its ability for creators to build their brands and monetize on the platform. It’s time to take Snapchat seriously. Happy snapping!