Latest Facebook Updates Affecting Social Media Influencers

As influencer marketing continues to rise, social media platforms continue to evolve. Facebook is a platform that has never feared change and is constantly updating its features, algorithm, and experience to attract, retain, and reward its users. Savvy social media influencers know the importance of staying ahead of these changes, while taking full advantage of the new opportunities they bring. This blog will discuss Facebook’s latest changes, their impact on influencers, and tips for keeping up with the platform’s evolution.

Facebook’s Newest Influencer-Friendly Tools

Despite Facebook’s data security scandal stealing headlines, the platform has undergone a series of significant changes made with content creators in mind. In an effort to aid social media influencers and brands leveraging the platform for exposure, Facebook recently rolled out its Facebook Creator app. The app boasts a range of creator-friendly features including exclusive tools for live videos, a unified inbox aggregating all comments from Facebook and Instagram, new camera effects to increase engagement on Facebook Stories, and useful audience insights to assist with content creation. The app is positioned as an easy-to-use kit for all kinds of influencers, with an emphasis on those utilizing video. Along with the Facebook Creator app, the company launched a website dedicated to helping video creators successfully expand their brands on the platform.

Facebook is also testing a new tool that will help brands identify and collaborate with content creators to facilitate successful influencer marketing relationships. This tool will allow influencers to build a searchable portfolio through the platform that advertisers can browse. To further reward influencers, the social media platform is testing new monetization options that will encourage users to donate funds to their favorite creators as part of unique subscription services. The bottom line: Facebook has identified influencers like you as a top priority for upcoming enhancements.

The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Changes Again

Facebook has been transparent that changes to their newsfeed algorithm are in the works. The platform now favors posts from personal pages over business pages, while continuing to reward content receiving high levels of engagement. This change was made to combat the prevalence of fake news, while also helping the platform get back to its roots as a digital solution for friends and family to stay connected. Facebook hopes these changes will encourage meaningful interactions and improve the newsfeed experience, which had recently received backlash for feeds filled with business-page posts and ads. This update has the ability to push well-received, organic influencer content to the top of feeds, while decreasing the volume of ads, news, and business-page posts.

Keeping Up With Facebook

Many of Facebook’s aforementioned updates were designed to improve both the user and influencer experience. As a content creator, it’s time to successfully leverage these changes. Here are some tips for influencers to keep in mind as they begin using Facebook’s newest tools and adapt to the ever-changing algorithm:

    • Leverage the Facebook Creator app to increase content quality. Don’t let the quality of your posts fall through the cracks. Stay committed to your audience and your story, while using the tools in the Facebook Creator app to increase content quality.
    • Make video content a priority. Facebook has made it clear that video is a priority with its recent updates. Use the Facebook for Creators website and the exclusive live video tools in the Creator app to upgrade your videos.
    • Engage with your audience. Engagement is a crucial component of Facebook success. With more metrics available and the unified inbox in the Creator app, Facebook has made it easier than ever to engage with your audience.
    • Don’t get too comfortable. These will not be Facebook’s last changes. Always keep an eye out for announcements and updates to stay in the know on upcoming changes.

As Facebook’s evolution continues, the platform is taking care of its creators. As an influencer, there is ample opportunity to level up with Facebook’s most recent changes. Use these tools and best practices to your advantage as you continue to create!