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Aspiring influencers can learn from the success of social media’s brightest stars. If you’re hoping to turn your social media influence into income, read on for a heaping dose of inspiration from five influencers who have put their unique talents on display to build sizeable audiences and generate money. As you’ll see, this dynamic group […]
Turning your social media presence into sizeable income is a tall task, but as many influencers have proven, it can be done. Case in point: Social media star Michelle Phan. The make-up artist’s social media success story has served as a source of inspiration to influencers everywhere, as she has tackled many challenges while transforming […]
2018 has been a year of change for YouTube as the video sharing company continues to make significant updates to its monetization policies, while battling negative media attention spurned from big brands and micro-influencers alike. From extreme reactions allegedly related to these changes like a shooting at the company’s California headquarters to a public sense […]
While Snapchat started out as a simple social media chat application for sharing short form video clips that would quickly “disappear,” the dynamic platform has evolved into a robust community brimming with user-generated photos and videos utilizing unique filters, tags, emojis, and more. Since its initial launch, Snapchat has made significant strides to advance alongside […]
As influencer marketing continues to rise, social media platforms continue to evolve. Facebook is a platform that has never feared change and is constantly updating its features, algorithm, and experience to attract, retain, and reward its users. Savvy social media influencers know the importance of staying ahead of these changes, while taking full advantage of […]
In April 2016, exploded onto the social media scene. With more than 20 million active users and payouts totaling seven-figures, this live video streaming app quickly climbed the charts of the  Apple App Store and Google Play as young micro-influencers looked to capitalize on the opportunity. With a diverse community centered around a unique […]
Influencer marketing is a staple of successful digital advertising. Influencers are compensated for their services, publishers and advertisers see solid ROI, and campaigns close with high fives all around. Well, not exactly. The billion-dollar industry has evolved alongside social media, but publishers and influencers have both been guilty of mistakes along the way. To combat […]
Influencer marketing is a billion-dollar industry. Over the past few years, savvy digital marketers have teamed up with social media influencers to take digital advertising by storm. While the term “social media influencer” may conjure up thoughts of the Kardashian family tree cramming posts with blatant product placements, there’s more than meets the eye with […]
As social media grows, so does the functionality of each platform, and opportunity for profits. Recently, digital communities have become a channel for advertising and profit for businesses of all types as well as social media influencers. Whether you already carry an online presence at recognizable reach, or you’re just the girl or boy next […]
In April 2017, Instagram announced that the platform had reached the 700-million user milestone. By the end of the year, it’ll hit 800 million monthly users. With such a large audience, it can be disheartening for influencers when only a small fraction of IG users lay eyes on their content. This blog is designed to […]

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